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Terms and Conditions

  1. This service has been optimised for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer Versions 8 and above.
  2. I accept that once confirmed my bid cannot be withdrawn.
  3. I have read and accept the legal information relevant to the lots I intend to bid on.
  4. I agree to be bound by the General terms and Conditions.
  5. If successful, all normal auction procedures will apply.
  6. I have read and accept the addendum.

There is no substitute for being present in the room and the Auctioneers strongly recommend that You attend the Auction personally in order to bid. However, the Auctioneers will use reasonable endeavours to provide remote bidding facilities at the Auction in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and will make no additional charge for such service.

The Auctioneers nor will have no liability or responsibility whatsoever towards you in the event of your remote bid not being made as a result of:

  1. Unclear instructions
  2. Error, lack of clarity or confusion regarding the Registration Form or the deposit
  3. Any change in the date, time and/or venue for the Auction
  4. Interruption or suspension of internet bidding services
  5. You being unobtainable by telephone or becoming disconnected during the course of bidding via the internet
  6. Any other factor beyond the Auctioneers' or's control