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You will be able to bid from your home or office via the Internet at an Acuitus sale whilst simultaneously watching the auction live on your PC.

Access to this service will be provided via as well as both of which are accessible worldwide.

The process is extremely easy to use and is accessible by anyone who has a PC with Internet access.

To bid using the Interactive Bidding Service, you must complete the Internet Bidding Registration Form which can be found on the Acuitus website: Telephone/Proxy Bidding.

Please include your e-mail address and/or fax number on the form to speed our response. Please note that by using the Interactive Bidding Service you are bound by Acuitus usual Terms and Conditions of Sale for remote bidders and the National, General and Special Conditions of Sale. These are normally printed in the catalogue, and are also available on request from Acuitus. In particular, please note that if your bid is successful, you are legally bound to pay your deposit immediately and complete your purchase on the contractual date.

  1. If you wish to bid using the Interactive Bidding Service, you must complete the Internet Bidding Registration Form in full, located at the back of the auction catalogue or on the Acuitus website: Telephone/Proxy Bidding.
  2. A signed blank cheque for the deposit which if Your bid is successful Acuitus will complete on Your behalf for the amount of the deposit must be returned, no later than 2 working days prior to the date of the Auction, to: Ayshea Yardley, Acuitus, 14 St Christophers Place, London W1U 1NH.

    By sending the cheque You warrant that there are adequate funds in the account to meet the full amount of the deposit on first presentation. As an alternative Acuitus reserves the right to request You to provide cleared funds prior to the Auction into the Acuitus Client's Account or an irrevocable solicitor's undertaking to electronically transfer the deposit to the Seller's solicitor immediately after the Auction.
  3. Once your bidding form and deposit have been received you will then receive an information pack directly from Acuitus. This will include your PIN, client number and user information. It is the combination of your client number, together with your PIN that will ensure a secure transaction. Please note that you must include your e-mail address in order to ensure a speedy response.
  4. Prior to bidding via the Internet on the auction day, you will need to access the Acuitus Auction web page look out for the 'Internet Bidders' link. You will be asked to identify yourself by giving your client number and your PIN. You are now ready to bid on the Internet.
  5. We recommend that you access the Acuitus Auction website or about 10 minutes before the first lot that you wish to bid for comes up.
  6. When your chosen lot is offered, be ready to bid. You will be made aware of the current bid through your screen, if you wish to bid then click the highlighted bid increment on the screen. You will be informed when the bid is held by you.
  1. The Interactive Bidding Service allows several bidders to bid simultaneously. The Auctioneer will also be taking bids in the room and may defer taking Internet bids until only a few bidders remain for the lot in question. If the auctioneer does accept your bid, then you will be informed of this through your screen. When you have finished bidding, you may stay and watch the rest of the sale without bidding by entering the gallery or simply exit the bidding area.
  2. If you are successful, all the normal auction procedures will then apply. The auctioneer or an authorised member of this firm, will sign the contract in the auction room on your behalf. YOU MUST NOT BID BEYOND THE MAXIMUM LIMIT STATED ON YOUR INTERNET BIDDING FORM.
  3. After the auction, your deposit cheque will be presented to Allsopp bank for special clearance. The purchaser's part of the Memorandum of Contract (signed by us on your behalf) will be sent to our client's solicitors, and the vendor's part (signed by us on behalf of our client) will be sent to the solicitors whose details you will have given on your Internet Bidding Form.
  4. Completion of sale usually takes place 20 days after the auction, but please refer to the Special Conditions of Sale (which are available separately from the auctioneer's offices or the vendor's solicitor's offices) to see if this completion period has been varied.
  5. If you are unclear about the process of buying by auction please contact Ayshea Yardley Telephone: 020 7034 4856
  6. Above all, if you have any doubts before the sale, please call 020 7034 4850 and we shall do all we can to answer your questions.